Purple Protests for PR: Take Back Parliament!

On Saturday 15th May, thousands of people took to the streets for the second of London’s ‘Purple Protests‘ for a fairer voting system; plenty more people marched in other UK cities too, all of them organised and joined by people who want our votes to count! Better yet, there are more protests to come!

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This Coalition offers the best hope of restoring our Civil Liberties

James Elsdon-Baker is the Local Groups co-ordinator for the NO2ID Campaign

Responding to Clegg’s speech on the “power revolution” that seeks to restore our civil liberties,  Alan Johnson the now former Home Secretary accused Clegg of “rampant hyperbole”. Sadly this demonstrates that some within Labour are  yet to realize the extent to which their abuses of Liberty has caused public outcry.

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On the possibility of unrepresentative government

Much has been said of Liberal Democrat – Conservative coalition plans to make the dissolution of Parliament subject to a 55% threshold majority vote. Much of that comment, assertion and politicking has been misleading. To begin at the beginning, on 11 May 2010, the coalition partners reached agreement on establishing five-year fixed-term parliaments and legislation that will “provide for dissolution if 55% or more of the House votes in favour”. Initial responses to this proposal varied from cautious concern to outright condemnation. There was no unqualified praise.

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The Necessity of Culture

See Tianabrown’s post under Culture, here.

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Sleepless Activism: Painting the Toon Yellow and other stories…

The benefits of what Liberal Vision describes as our “spontaneous, mad, sleep-deprived” approach to political activism… AKA: Why we made spectacles of ourselves in Newcastle and other cities across the UK

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