Purple Protests for PR: Take Back Parliament!

On Saturday 15th May, thousands of people took to the streets for the second of London’s ‘Purple Protests‘ for a fairer voting system; plenty more people marched in other UK cities too, all of them organised and joined by people who want our votes to count! Better yet, there are more protests to come!

A quick way to see how unfair our voting system (“First Past The Post” or FPTP for short) is at the Voter Power website.  Enter your postcode and see ‘how much’ your vote is really worth under the current system. Mine is worth 0.432 of a vote, which seems bad until you compare it to the national average: 0.253. Visit the Electoral Reform Society‘s webpage to get a better understanding of FPTP and various alternative systems. Angry yet? Get involved, and wear purple!

If you haven’t signed a petition yet, do so now at the Take Back Parliament website, and at 38 degrees (where you can upload a pictorial statement too)! To get involved in Purple Protests, check out the Take Back Parliament website for protests coming up in your area, or set up your own!

Mevan Babakar and George Gabriel deliver the 55, 000 signatures collected so far to No. 10

More video links and pics to follow here… Also, check out Take Back Parliament’s Flickr photo stream!

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  1. Discovered your site via yahoo the other day and absolutely like it so much. Continue the fantastic work.

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